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point your compass

"As I walk, As I walk,

The Universe is walking

with me."

-Navajo Rain Dance Ceremony

Why Get A Reading?


My awakening occurred on February 5, 2013.  It’s very much like what everyone is always talking about, you know.  You wake up.  It truly feels as if you’ve been born anew.

Everything you thought the world was – that you are – what you must become – it all fades into the background.  Things become very simple and very focused.  I remember feeling that what I wanted no longer mattered.  What I thought I should or shouldn’t be or do no longer mattered.  I remember feeling very small, very lost and having a greater sense of finally looking myself in a mirror I’d been avoiding truly looking at my whole life. 

From that point forward and for the first time in my life it wasn’t the pursuit of happiness that was driving my wishes and desires or motives and intent.

Every day I said, “Yes,” to God’s plan for my life -  Spirit came. It has been seven years since my awakening, and still every day I must discipline myself to surrender.