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Mission Statement:  

The human experience involves interacting with life through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual methods.  We believe that spiritual discipline is and can be just as effective towards increasing the health, life and abundance of a person's life as much as the other facets of the human experience.

Understanding the great responsibility and weight of guiding others, mentoring others and loving others towards a stronger and vibrant spiritual life is the goal and focus of Point Your Compass. 


We do not adhere to any one belief system, religious outlet, political system, organization or institution.  We believe that every person has the basic human right to choose for themselves which belief system to cleave to.  We honor the spiritual methods inside each and every individual with open arms.

The future of Point Your Compass includes:

  • Expanding the types and content of readings done on Youtube

  • Creating a Vimeo Channel

  • Increasing the knowledge base through coursework, study and disciplined practice, which includes gathering books and supplies

  • Pushing towards better technology and equipment

  • Within two years, creating a curriculum for Tarot and Astrology classes

  • Beginning the writing of a book

  • Hopefully moving toward public speaking inside and outside of the local area

 With your help, these plans can be created and put into place for reaching and working with people all around the world.  

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