Mission Statement:  

Choice.  We have a choice.  Blindly walking does not have to be the only option.  Maybe we do not always have a choice in what is happening, but we do have a choice in how we respond, what we do and how we leave our mark.  

My goal is to open the options around a client to see their many choices.  Open options can help one to accept, grieve, let go, move forward and so much more.  My goal is to help open the options so that you can point your own compass.  


We can be determined and more focused in the way our lives end up.  We just need to see. 


I do not adhere to any one belief system, religious outlet, political system, organization or institution.  I believe that every person has the basic human right to choose for themselves which belief system to cleave to.  I honor the spiritual methods inside each and every individual with open arms.

Thank you for helping to create a world where people can explore and be guided.

~Love to you all~


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