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I took a couple of days to process what you said during my reading and I really do believe what you do is extraordinary and special.  I think that you are a really great teacher (it's one of the reasons I watch your channel and paid for the reading/research) and have an impressive amount of empathy and insight into people.  I've been struggling to make sense of a lot of weirdness around me as long as I can remember and you've really helped.


To the specifics of your readings as a service:  I think you are incredibly thorough, thoughtful and your understanding of the relationship between aspects of a person's chart is really profound.  I like the phone-call/person-to-person interaction.  Though, to be completely forthright - I wasn't 100% the phone-call was coming.  So, when my phone rang at 4pm on the nose - I knew it was you, but was a little surprised.  I read the description of the reading, but figured it was an either/or scenario with the video & phone-call.  That and my not being able to run FaceTime (I was sorry for not owning an Apple device) - are the only constructive notes I will add.


I've done a few tarot spreads of my own since we spoke and our conversation helped a lot. So, thank you so much.  I haven't watched the reading, yet, but I will.  I will also keep in touch and likely request your other services, going forward.


Seattle, WA

Miriam is an amazing person. Her readings are incredibly accurate. I feel Miriam's readings are a great way for me to face challenges & I have gotten really good information in terms of investments & personal life. I also think Miriam has really good & positive energy. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else." 


Del Rio, TX

I really enjoyed my birth chart reading with Miriam; I very much trust her energy and her senses. This was the second time we came together. I believe that our frequencies match very well.  

Miriam took more time for me than in the time frame and answered every question I had with great patience. Every time when I feel to see my path in a certain life situation, I request Miriam’s support who takes me back to order.  

I feel lucky having met such a spirit like Miriam ! Many thanks Miriam , it’s so good to have you! 


London, UK

The reading was spot on! I loved it that you recorded it so I can look at it again . Major changes are happening to me this year and you were able to tell and give me advice to help me in the future. I am grateful I found you. I feel like your reading was very accurate and I appreciate you working with me especially because I am a very emotional person. Thank you again.




I just had my first reading with Miriam and I love her! So fresh and real. She picked up on so many things in my life I was amazed. She gave good, sound advice. I will definitely be a long time client. Thanks Miriam! 

Carolyn F.

Florida, USA

 Miriam is awesome as a psychic reader.  I have had two readings from her.  Both times she has been prompt and professional.  She could see into my situations and impart that information I needed.  This was valuable and very needed.  Will continue with her and look forward to future readings.  I highly recommend her!

Pamela D.

Texas, USA

I usually watch Miriam's YouTube readings but I needed clarity on some matters. the personal sessions with Miriam are so spot on. She is reliable, personable and enlightening. I highly recommend a personal reading with Miriam.

Elizabeth P.

Colorado, USA

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